Project: Sun Spot Lab

For this project, you will determine how the number of sunspots has changed over time. You will look for patterns and predict future sunspot activity.

Sunspot Data - source data.pdf

The data above tells the mean total sunspots each year from 1960-2014. Transfer this data to a 2-column spreadsheet in Google Sheets. If you are unfamiliar with Google sheets, you can find tutorials here.

  1. Open Google Sheets
  2. Give your document a title
  3. In your top row, label column A "Year" and column B "Number of Spots"
  4. Fill in the years 1960 to 2014 in column "A". You can use a formula to avoid having to type each year.
    • Type 1960 n cell A2
    • In cell A3, type =A2+1
    • Copy and paste the formula in the column for all the years (up to 2014)
  5. Use the data above to enter the number of spots for each year in column B

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Now you will make a line graph from the data.

  1. Click and drag to highlight all your data
  2. From menu, click "Insert" and "Chart"
  3. Select the line graph
  4. Click "Customization"
  5. Change Major Gridlines to 10 and Minor Gridlines to 4
  6. Click "Insert"

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Enlarge your chart so you can see the data clearly. Do you see any patterns in the Sunspot data?

Evaluate the data and answer the following questions.

Do you notice anything strange about the data after 2008? Write your observation in the discussion below.

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